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What is the gallbladder in the human body, causes of inflammation and symptoms

What is the gallbladder in the human body, causes of inflammation and symptoms

What is bitterness in the human body?

The gallbladder is a small sack located at the bottom of the liver and its shape resembles the shape of a pear. Its main function is to store fluids produced by the liver to aid in the digestion process, and this fluid is called desert juice.
This fluid is needed by the body when eating, it is pushed when the gallbladder contracts to pass through the access channels of the small intestine

Symptoms of cholecystitis

Inflammation of the gallbladder is a complication of gallstones, which is a common occurrence and may eventually lead to an imbalance in the process of fat digestion, in addition to that you will suffer from pain in the upper right side of the abdomen.
Therefore, in the following lines, we will help you learn more about this disease and what are the causes of cholecystitis.
Cholecystitis may usually occur due to a blockage in the bile duct due to the presence of a stone in it, causing inflammation of the gallbladder, or gall 

bladder inflammation, and we will mention some other causes

Causes of cholecystitis

There are many causes that may lead to cholecystitis, including the following:

⦁ The main reason is the presence of gallstones, as they connect the gallbladder and the liver and work to block it.
⦁ Blockage of blood vessels.
⦁ torsion of the bile duct.
The presence of a tumor in the gallbladder.
⦁ The presence of any other infections in the body, especially in the digestive system, including inflammation in the blood vessels or in the liver.
The presence of bacteria that may cause cholecystitis, including:
⦁ Clostridium malariasis.
⦁ Escherichia coli.
⦁ staphylococcus.
⦁ pseudo.
⦁ Klebsiella.

There are other factors that cause inflammation of the gallbladder, including:
⦁ Undergo critical surgery.
⦁ Exposure to inflammation that weakens the immune system.
⦁ Recently recovered from a serious illness.
The gallbladder is damaged, and it cannot perform its function.
Sickle cell anemia, diabetes, obesity.
Cholecystitis is common in women over 50 and men over 60.

With this, we have finished clarifying the cholecystitis disease and what are the causes that may lead to infection, so you should pay attention to whether you have it or not, so as not to cause you other complications that are difficult to treat.

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