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Providing psychological comfort for the residents of the Cities of the Future

Providing psychological comfort for the residents of the Cities of the Future

Summarizing the outcomes of the first stage of the "City of the Future" crowdsourcing task

About the “City of the Future”

The City of the Future is a crowdsourcing venture aimed each at describing how advanced towns on Earth will look like in 2035-2040 and at figuring out and finding solutions to the maximum big troubles and challenges that the city populace will need to face.

The task has two major goals:

1. To predict the primary trends within the creation, making plans, functioning and development of the Cities of the Future as a way to offer treasured records to metropolis government, creation, shipping, tourism and other fascinated groups and agencies, in addition to to absolutely everyone who're interested by forecasting the destiny.

2. To discover premiere solutions to obligations with the intention to make the city environment of the destiny greater at ease, safe, creative and friendly to humans.

These targets are solved with the assist of intelligence, imagination, creativity and curiosity of volunteer professionals of different professions and nationalities who've proven a non-public hobby in the project.

The operator of the assignment is the Universal crowdsourcing Agency OmniGrade, the sponsor is Coteccons production corporation.

In this text, I gift a few findings associated with making sure the psychological consolation of citizens of the City of the Future. We’ll cognizance on  factors of this difficulty: prevention of burnout syndrome and employer of holidays and enjoyment sports within the City of the Future.

Problems and challenges: prevention of burnout syndrome in the City of the Future
Burnout syndrome because of difficult work and emotional stress and characterized by using symptoms which include emotional exhaustion, depersonalization, and so on., ends in a sharp deterioration inside the first-rate of lifestyles of urban citizens.

New issues and challenges, along with epidemics or weather alternate, appreciably exacerbate this trouble. We gift a number of solutions that can be implemented in the City of the (inclusive of the close to) Future.

1. Visual zones of mental consolation

The movement of human beings across the metropolis have to be followed by means of updatable visible results that relieve strain and create a very good mood. These may be easily washed-off graffiti, illumination of pedestrian zones, showing of a unique picture or video sequence related to herbal items, art gadgets, and many others at the walls of homes, unique screens or at the sky.

2. Creation of disbursed offices

Taking into consideration the reality that long trips to paintings create expanded stress and provoke bodily and psychological fatigue, and the creation of a right administrative center at domestic is often no longer possible, the feasible solution in the City of the Future may be the creation of many enterprise facilities placed near residential homes, wherein personnel of various groups living inside the vicinity will simultaneously work.

Thus, the headquarters of a selected agency will change into a distributed office, in which places of work will be positioned in several dozen or even hundreds of such commercial enterprise facilities. The City of the Future record #1 10 arrangement of the sort of business middle should permit each of its users to have get admission to to its infrastructure (for record processing, sports activities, meal, etc.) and on the same time ensure the confidentiality of their paintings in instances where it's far vital.

Three. Public delivery for rest

Taking into account the huge amount of time people spend on public shipping, most situations must be created in it for rest or for doing vital matters on the way (which might permit human beings to spend greater time enjoyable at home). This may additionally consist of massage chairs or special quiet carriages on public delivery, in addition to special infrastructure at stations that would offer possibilities for short-time period physical workout or meditation.

4. Ensuring the privacy of city citizens

The modern-day metropolis leaves few opportunities for human beings to "be with themselves". This leads to extreme psychological troubles, in particular for introverts, and worsens burnout.

One feasible solution may be to interchange to cell capsules and micro-flats, in which human beings could spend time alone with themselves at a handy time. At the same time, technologies may be wanted with a view to allow, for example, thru augmented truth, to create the effect of the presence of friends and any other human beings nearby at those moments of time whilst aware loneliness desires to be interrupted.

Holidays and weekends in the City of the Future
You cannot sense glad without experiencing positive feelings. Holidays and weekends must be a especially powerful supply of advantageous emotions.

1. New format of real and digital journey

Travel will remain an essential form of leisure that develops the cognitive abilties of human beings and allows them to "recharge the batteries" via temporary modifications of environment.

But the format of tour for residents of the Cities of the Future will trade.

Firstly, the quantity of visitor destinations will multiply because of the emergence of new locations with a advanced tourist infrastructure or with new authentic attractions (invented, amongst other things, with the help of crowd intelligence).

Secondly, actual travel may be combined with virtual and hybrid ones. Virtual travel can be a hobby of “homebodies”, and will be also used in instances when a person or own family has little time to make a full journey or transient restrictions are imposed (for example, because of epidemics or herbal screw ups).

Hybrid travel will suggest that people will without a doubt make a part of the ride, and another part with the help of virtual and augmented fact technologies. Part of VR tour will be time travel whilst VR technology will allow vacationers to sense like they may be in a brand new region in the past or within the destiny.

Augmented truth technology can even assist to create virtual publications at any time and in any location of travel and use their offerings so long as essential, based on private preferences, hobby and degree of fatigue.

2. Planning of town vacations and enjoyment, thinking of the person alternatives of its residents

The artificial intelligence device that manages the City of the Future will apprehend and examine the character and collective preferences of its citizens and pick out enjoyment alternatives for them on rest days. This system will be in a position to devise actions at the extent of an person, condo constructing, a city neighborhood or maybe the town as an entire with the intention to meet person and organization preferences, as well as the state of affairs in the town itself.

3. The renewed role of museums inside the entertainment of citizens of the City of the Future

Museums will become the most important location for endeavor and entertainment within the City of the Future. The range of museums will boom dramatically because of the advent of recent authentic non-public, own family, company and municipal museums.

Actually, the creation of museums turns into for many households or entrepreneurs either a shape of interest or a new enterprise. Museums becomes the maximum vital element of the edutainment device, supporting humans to learn loads of new matters in a a laugh and at ease way.

The famous of the museums can be prepared with an Internet of Things gadget. They can be able to have interaction with museum visitors and their devices. The museums will operate 24/7 because of the truth that there could be no want for the presence of human personnel - robots will deal with the company of tours and manipulate over traffic. Thanks to this, there may be no crowds in museums.

The museums will offer slumbering locations (probable tablet kind) for those who want to relax earlier than, throughout or after their visit, in addition to places of work for individuals who need to process video or photo materials obtained at some stage in a visit to the museum or simply work remotely.

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